Fragrance Details


Soothing eucalyptus, a calming fragrance this is intended for relaxation.

Top: Spearmint 

Middle: Eucalyptus 

Bottom: Sweet Amber 



A fresh and flowery fragrance infused with a sophisticated blend essential oils.

Top: Lillys 

Middle: Jasmine 

Bottom: Tonka Bean 



An explosion of tropical fruits and a blend of ripe pineapple. 

These fragrances combined releases a tropical island feel into any space, giving lavish beach vacation vibes. 

Top: Tropical Fruits 

Middle: Coconut 

Bottom: Rum 


Coffee Snob 

Enjoy the benefits of rich robust coffee without having to pour a single cup. This fragrance resembles the aroma of your favorite coffee shop.

Top: Espresso 

Middle: Creamy Caramel

Base:  Cacao, Brown Sugar