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Two candles or more qualifies for FREE SHIPPING!
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Fragrance Details

Jamaican me Happy

This fragrance is an amazing blend of Luscious fruits with Tropical island vibes sure to make you feel as if you are on a lavish vacation. You will get hints of warm coconut and rum, pineapple,oranges and honey dew melon. 

Seasalt & Orchid

This fragrance is infused with a Sophisticated blend of fresh flowery notes that has hints of Lilly's, jasmine and Tonka beans. infused with natural essential oils. recommended for aromatherapy and to bring a sense of calmness to your space.

Coconut Lime Breeze

This fragrance is a fun summer scent that gives hints of ripe coconut, lemon peel and fresh lime. infused with orange essential oils that are sure to give you a energy boost and brighten up your mood giving you the fresh aroma of crisp beach like air throughout large and small spaces. 

Rose petal + Eucalyptus

This Fragrance is romantic and uniquely crafted by Carmen Starks herself . It is A delightful blend of roses, cream and light musk infused with bottom notes of Sweet peppermint with Notes of earthy Eucalyptus. Great for self-care and spa days.

Lavender + chamomile 

This fragrances is strong and intricate. It creates a soothing feel to any space. This classy fragrance is enriched with lavender, herbs and essential oils with notes of cedar wood and vanilla.


Lemon Drop 

this fragrance is extremely uplifting and delightful.  It is sure to wake you with its bold mouth watering aroma. If you need a energy boost This will fragrance will surely set the tone for an amazing day. It is infused with lemon, vanilla, lemon grass and Warm sugar. 

 Coffee Shop

This fragrance Gives off The aroma of a freshly poured cup of coffee from your home or coffee shop. It’s top notes gives off a bold familiar fragrances of fresh coffee beans blended with warm sugar and sweet cream. 

Black Sea

This fragrances is a calm and seductive scent.  its sweet yet salty accords gives Off oceanic accords with Base notes of amber and vanilla With hints of citrus, Seasalt and ozone.