"Rest Don't Quit" (Rose + Bubble Accords)
"Rest Don't Quit" (Rose + Bubble Accords)
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"Rest Don't Quit" (Rose + Bubble Accords)

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WARNING This candle will keep you highly motivated to take better care of yourself. Our scent. motivation collection not only evoke positivity and happiness they are also great to place in your work space , home office and home to keep you motivated on those tough days because sometimes we just need a reminder.  These candles are a great option to gift to yourself or to someone you love. 


Scent: Spa Galore

Top Note: Soap Bubble Accords 

Middle:  Rose Superessence

Bottom: Coconut Milk 

Scent Description:

This luxury candle resembles the ambiance of a soothing hot bath with fragrant bubbles. with creamy bubbles and coconut accords, it is truly a spa night at home 



Each Candle is Poured in our Luxe Matte glass black tumbler and fitted with a wooden wick that makes a calming crackling sound intended to create a sense of peace and relaxation to any space. 

Because sometimes we all need motivation on those hard days….. I created this collection with the intention to boost your mood and productivity through aromatherapy & affirmation. 

Elevate your self-care routine with our Scent Motivation Candles.

This modern intoxicating candle is made from a rich soy blend and infused with the perfect organic fragrance oils 

  • 3 1/4"H x 3 1/4
  • 10 oz  (wood-wick) 
  • Approx. 75-100 hours burn time
  • Soy blend with wooden wick and glass tumbler
  • Made in the USA

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