5 Ways to Incorporate Mini Travel Tin Candles

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5 Ways to Incorporate Mini Travel Tin Candles

Have you ever thought about all of the useless gifts that you have received over the years? Hear me out, although the person might have had good intentions on giving you something meaningful, it is probably in a junk drawer right now. My suggestions on how to incorporate mini tin candles for your gifting needs throughout the year are listed below.  

By opting for a personalized scented candle, you can create a gift that is both unique and meaningful. Scented candles can instantly change a person's mood. One whiff of a familiar fragrance can bring back joyous memories. Our candles are not only made of quality ingredients, They are long lasting, which makes them the ultimate gift that keeps on giving. For many weeks, months and sometimes years. Over a course of time the candle may still be in use or preserved as a keepsake. 

  1. Wedding reception

Candle tins are loved because of their intoxicating scent and welcoming feel, unlike wedding favors for one time use or no use at all. Candles can be enjoyed over and over again. We can personalize these mini tin candles by fragrance and customize the labeling with a sweet message to reflect the memory of the couples special day. 



  1. Personalized gifts

At your next gathering, wow your guests with personalized tin candles as a take away gift and to cherish the memorable moment at your home. 






  1. Birthdays

Our sleek tins not only smell amazing, they look great too, they are often used as a part of decor at birthday dinners and celebrations by theme and color. 



  1. Corporate gifting

Give the gift of appreciation to your employees with a branded candle with your company's logo or take it to your next business lunch as a gift.



  1. Book Club 

Send out your next book club box with a beautiful candle for your fellow book lovers to enjoy. Get lost in your new book, grab your favorite tea or drink of choice.Light a candle and enjoy so Delightful!

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