Motivational Candle Subscription

Treat yourself to our exclusive monthly candle subscription. Delivered to your doorstep. each candle comes with an uplifting quote on its label, igniting moments of tranquility and inspiration. With every new month comes a unique fragrance and a delightful surprise in the form of a motivational quote, adding an extra touch of inspiration to your daily routine. sign up now to receive August scent Bright Sunshine  for more information check out the subscription facts


As you unveil your Starks candle box, prepare to be delighted by the captivating fragrance that fills the air. And that's not all - discover an uplifting quote to keep you motivated throughout the month. Because, truth be told, we all need that extra spark of motivation from time to time. 


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Starks Candle has that Spark!!!

I’ve been ordering my wife and I candles from Starks CandleCo. for years. The candle maker always blows us away with the potency of her candles. The longevity of the burns, that we benefit from while being soothed by the calming and therapeutic scents, is what keeps us loyal. There’s no need to compare, because once you’ve experienced the quality of a Starks CandleCo candle, You’d become too sold out.

love, love, love

I have to say, the last couple of candle fragrances have been amazing. (I mean, they all are.)
I was a little unsure about the mango and coconut, but then we lit it, and my husband loves it and has taken it over for his office. And the fragrance permeates our entire home!
His office is on the third floor! Anyway, love, love, love.

Perfect house warming gift

This candle was the perfect gift! It smells refreshing and clean. I could smell the candle through the packaging! My friend just purchased a new home and I got it for her. she loved it, She says that she can smell it through out her entire house!!

Winter Dough Bowl
Tara Ransdell
Amazing candle

These are great for your own home or for a gift.

Absolutely obsessed

I ordered a bunch of candles to give out to my clients for the holiday season . Carmen did such an incredible job ! The candles smell absolutely incredible and the labels she created were absolutely perfect !! My clients have been loving them !!! Carmen was so easy to work with and also made all the candles in such a timely manor and she even hand delivered them. Her customer service is awesome ! Thank you again!!

Fall 3 pack tin candle
Holly Messina

All 3 candles smell amazing! I love the sound of the wood wick. We can light them in our kitchen and smell them all over the house. Definitely buying more for Christmas!

Best Smelling Candle Scents


Two 12 oz Wood Wick - Simply Starks Subscription
Catina Reed
Love them 💕

I been a fan since day one. I will not buy any other brand.


The most beautiful, invigorating hand poured candles I have ever purchased. Love the mixture of the smells when I light 2 different kinds. Love the way they have my house feeling so serene.

Pride Candle** Neroli, Orange Blossom, Marshmallow
Miranda Rindlisbacher

You never really know what to expect buying candles online but y’all, Carmen has killed it every time. It’s SO GOOD! And bonus I can smell it from the other side of my apartment :)

Calm & Happy!

Beautiful packaging, excellent fragrance, exceptional customer service! I will buy more. Thank you

Love this monthly gift to myself!

It feels a little indulgent to have a Starks candle delivered monthly, and I enjoy it tremendously. The scents are creative and long lasting. Whenever I have one burning for an hour or so, I find the scent lingers for a couple days afterwards. In addition, as candles stock up, I have a special gift available to give and share. And, I get to tell a little bit about the Starks company, Carmen and what she stands for. I also love the annual BHM candles for both myself and as gifts. And, the customer service I experience is like no other. It feels like a very customized experience. Thank you Carmen and Starks candle company!

Macaroon wax Melts Honey + Vanilla
Kylee Williams

WOW! These things smell just as good as they look! One will last SO long not to mention they are so cute especially to gift! So unique!

Love this candle

This is my go to. Perfect for unwinding and reading a good book, and especially while drinking some wine!

Spa Night!!!!

This fragrance is so relaxing it truly does make you feel calm! it has a slow burn and I can smell this candle throughout my entire house! get it!!

Love You Double Wick Candle
Yalonda Brooks
The best gift!

If you are in need of a gift for a friend this candle is PERFECTION. I got one for myself and for a friend and she loved it!!! The scent throw is great filled up my entire house and the candle last foreverrrrrr this was a great buy!!! The candle did not tunnel I was really impressed. If you are thinking about it GET IT

Black History Collection Three Pack
Alicia Darrow
LOVE THESE! Amazing, lasting fragrance. Clean burning.

I love Carmen's candles and am part of her monthly subscription. The BHM candles are also remarkable: they are packaged beautifully and offer a statement and year round reminder of the impact of Black influencers in our culture.

Even unlit - smells delightful on my desk!

I absolutely love all of Starks Candles. I have one sitting on my desk now and it's not even lit. It smells fantastic. I am shocked how long the scent lasts and once lit - the candles burn at such a slow even pace. No wax is wasted - that is for sure! Thank you! Love LOVE my candles!

Lazy Breakfast Candle
Bernice Norman
Lazy breakfast candle

This is one of the most wonderful smelling candles that I have ever purchased. It does smells EXACTLY like a bowl of FRUIT LOOPS. Whenever I burned it I wanted to run out and get me a box until I finally did. This candle is one that I think you would love. Try it! You won’t be sorry

Black history candle collection
Scent meets sound

I have the Dr. Mae candle burning as we speak. The house is fairly quiet and I hear this constant crackle. It is so soothing. I absolutely love it. In addition, the scent is delightful. Here's the thing - I am not so good at limiting the 3 hour burn recommendation - so even when I leave it longer, it burns even and lasts forever. Thank you Starks! Great product.