Starks Candles


How did all of this start in the first place?

I intended to start Starks candle co.  for believers of self-love and Affirmation with the hopes to encourage every human to take care of themselves. After I decided to take a leap of faith and relocated with my family 6 months pregnant only fitting what we could in one suitcase from Chicago to Arizona.

I was Filled with so much gratitude and really wished to be able to touch the hearts of others near and far with my uplifting, fun,  self-care quotes. I was so blessed to have made it through such a trying time and I knew that their were other people in the world that could use some motivation too which led me to combine the love for candle making and words of affirmation together and Starks candles was born!

I have since then used my creative process to help others create  special heart felt memorable gifts for their family, friends and clients.  

I take pride in ensuring that our candles are made with the best quality fragrances and waxes free of Parabens and Phthalates giving a longer lasting fragrance to your space and more burn time.  my promise to you is that your candle experience with us will alway be positive. Excellence has driven us from the beginning and will continue into the future.