What inspired Starks Candle Co.?


Hi there! My name is Carmen Starks and I’m the owner of Starks Candle co. It’s so nice to meet you!

Starks Candle Co is a one women owned passionate hand-poured candle company, Based in Phoenix Arizona committed to creating uniquely blended Candle fragrances, in small batches.

I started Starks Candle CO because I relocated from Chicago to Arizona with my family and while we did not have much, A clean home and a nice candle was my happy place. I loved having a candle going in my home. I loved how it made me feel and I wanted to make candles that would do the same for others. Upon burning store bought candles I noticed that they would not last past a few days, they were melting incredibly fast and some had a chemical smell to them. I found it to be pretty upsetting to pay for a candle, get it home and have it either burn fast or smell like chemicals. One day I mumbled to myself that I could probably make a better candle. My loving husband gifted me candle making products with a note that read " you said you can make a better candle, let me see you do it" . His special gift sparked the journey inside of me to start making my own candles and Starks candle co was born. I quickly became obsessed with studying the science behind candle making and how to make candles that burned cleaner and slower. I wanted to maximize the quality of my product. Being able to create my own recipe was exciting to me because this meant I could exclude many of the harmful ingredients that are often included in store bought candles by making them in small batches. Since then I have been making candles as gifts, for homes, special occasions and much more.

We value our customers and at the core of our brand, we prioritize shaping our products with a focus on cleanliness, sustainability, and practicality."

"Our products are crafted with pure, environmentally safe ingredients, ensuring a cleaner burn for your space. Harnessing the essence of scent-memory connection, our unique fragrance blends are designed to uplift your mood. Additionally, we provide customization and distinctive labeling options, perfect for adding a personal touch to gifts and special moments."
I can’t wait to hear what you think!