Want to relocate? Don't know where to start?

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Dear Reader,

If relocation has been on your mind and heart, I hope that after reading this you feel inspired and know that you can do anything! I am creating this blog with the hope to help someone that feels stuck or doesn't know where to start. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to relocate was because of the influx in violence in the city where I lived.

I was determined to change the dynamic for my children and to create a better life for our family. Your reason might be a bit different, you may just want a change and that's okay. There is no wrong reason for wanting to relocate. Use your why as motivation. I have tried my best to compact this list into an easy guide that will help you on your journey.....


The process and how to know when you are ready 

When you are ready to relocate you will feel it in your heart. You won't be able to stop thinking about it and it may even keep you up at night. These are all good signs, but some people have spent there entire life wanting to do things that they never do!  Here is the honest truth:  a goal without a plan is just a wish. So,  ask yourself, what is my plan? 

Where are you going and why?

The absolute best way to narrow down "your" where:  write down all of the cities that you are interested in and why ( your why will keep you motivated). Once you narrow down your search there are several things to consider:

1. Job Rate 

2. Community 

3. Climate 

4. Affordability

5. Education

6. Food 

7. Culture 

Anything that is a deal breaker for you, what are you not willing to live without? 

Research in your new city 

Congrats! You have officially picked a city! Now it is time to find a place to live. Most people find a job and schools for children, if they have them, and then base their home search on their commute. 

1. Research crime rates 

2. How many miles is your commute each day 

3. Research and review schools in your area 

4. Join facebook groups!  Facebook groups helped me so much! In fact, I am still friends with some of the people that gave me good advice before moving to my city! 


It is so easy to give up on your plan.  Don't be stagnant when -  is your moving date? Is it three months? A year?  You need a clear deadline. Keep your goals clear. Matter of fact, remember without a plan it is just a wish!  Are you are dreamer or a doer? 


The Naysayers 

Stay away from anyone that is not motivating you. There will be people that will find anything negative to say that will keep you. Remember that what does not  work for someone else does not mean it won't work for you. Open your heart to all of the positive energy from the universe and allow it to help guide you on this journey. It wont be easy, but it will be worth it. 

Things that will delay your process 

The biggest thing that will delay your process is waiting.  Some people are waiting for summer, waiting to save $20k. Waiting will keep you stuck! If you keep your goal clear and make a checklist,  stick to it! Instead of waiting, keep moving forward, there won't be a perfect time. The best thing that you can do is properly plan. 


Closing Remarks

To anyone that grew up in a high crime rate area with not many resources about  relocation; I hope that I have inspired you to take action!  You don't have to stay there,  it is not your responsibility to stay, BUT it is your responsibility to be happy. I challenge you to do the things that make you the most happy in life even if they are scary, do them scared!  You deserve a lit-up life filled with happiness and no regrets. 


 -xo Carmen Starks 






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    Thanks so much for this. It definitely helped me make my decision to move forward.

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