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Happy Fall Yall!! 

Okay it is finally the most wonderful time of year! FALL I am such a fall lover! it is so fun to decorate and take out all of the cozy blankets and decor. One of my most favorite things to add is a fall wreath to my door. but I also love a Christmas wreath, and a spring time wreath, anddd a summer wreath! having decorations for every single season can easily take up so much space and become very expensive which is why i would like to share with you this fun DIY ribbon wreath that you can create right at home for about $12 I will leave a link for all of the products used for my wreath however you can choose any color ribbon that YOU would like to match your home decor. Let your creativity be the star of the show! I hope that this encourages you to do more home projects and let the entire family join in. please share your wreath with me or any questions or comments just click each product needed to go directly to the product to purchase the items needed to make your very own wreath Happy Making! 


Products that you will need 


RIBBON OF CHOICE  Dollar tree has several colors and patterns of ribbon to chose from. 



First you will choose two ribbon designs of your choice over lap them and tie them into the inside of the wreath ring securing the ribbon tightly. you will push both pieces of ribbon through the first bar of the wreath making a loop  and then again through the second bar of the wreath making a second loop, at this point you should have two loops formed. Scrunch both loops together, and firmly twist the hanging ribbon twice and repeat these steps around the entire wreath. once you have all of your ribbon secured inside of the wreath you will fluff and scrunch the ribbon all round to make your wreath nice and full. I Have attached a video to make this process easier to follow! 



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